Calls to Action!

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers make an indelible contribution to the US Social Forum process and are absolutely needed for a number of roles during the forum (June 22-26) and in the lead-up. Local Detroit folks are also needed for special roles.

Please spread the word an check out the list of volunteer roles and sign up at the Volunteer Sign-up page. Thank you!

Health & Healing Needs

Thousands of people from all walks of life are expected to be in Detroit this June 22-26 and volunteers are coming together to implement and live out a commitment to health & healing justice. Health practitioners, healers, medical supplies & donations are needed for our Health & Healing Justice Committee!

Offer Rides & Homestays

Many visitors to town are currently looking for housing. If you're a Detroiter and would like to offer your home as homestay, or a visitor looking to connect about ridesharing, please visit the AMC/USSF message board at the Allied Media Conference website.

Vendors & Tabling

There are numerous opportunities from June 21-25 at Hart Plaza & COBO Hall to be a Food or Non-food (Merchandise) Vendor, or have an Information Table for your group. Visit the Vendors & Tabling page for more information & applications. Food Vendors deadline has passed

Canopy Space for your Organization or Group

A few blocks away from COBO Hall (the anchor site for the Forum workshops,) there will be a "USSF Village". It's a grassy area along the Detroit River, where you can rent a large canopy for unscheduled workshops, or open meetings, or caucuses, or information sharing for you and for others who will be visiting the Village. For more info, visit the USSF Village & Canopies page.

Become a Media Endorser!

Media Endorsers show solidarity with the values and process of the US Social Forum & People’s Media Center and are instrumental in helping to mobilize their members and networks to the Forum. Sign up at the Press & Media section!

General Workshops & Cultural Submissions are Closed

As of April 25th, we are no longer accepting workshop and cultural submissions. Just over 1000 and 500 cultural submissions came in! Approved workshops will be posted May 20th.

Check out the the list of proposed workshops and PMAs and the list of proposed cultural submissions.