Arts & Culture


The US Social Forum has a vast array of cultural programming, cutting across genres and mediums—including performance, visual art, and film. Cultural expression is integrated into most aspects of the forum, including evening plenaries, many People’s Movement Assemblies (PMAs), and workshops.

Concerts and performance, big and small, will take place at Hart Plaza’s Amphitheater and Pyramid Stage. Performances will include musicians from various musical traditions, spoken word, theater, and more. Click here for a Full Schedule.

The Another World is Possible Progressive Film Festival will showcase diverse intergenerational, independent film and videos to shape and influence the public conversation in ways that inspire, empower, and convey momentum and hope.

Click here for a Full Viewing Schedule

The Creativity Lab

The Creativity Lab at Cobo Hall is a creative, musites/default/files/creativitylab2 e.jpgltimedia space where everybody is invited to experiment with different art forms as a way to express what is being discussed at the Social Forum. This is also a space to exchange tools, approaches and ideas with other artists and organizers through creative projects in the spirit of the forum. It offers an opportunity to work across mediums and art forms, share practices, and open up to new ways of engaging culture in organizing and direct action at the forum and beyond.

USSF Visual Arts Gallery

sites/default/files/visual arts gallery email graphic.jpg The Art Gallery at Hart Plaza Underground will display paintings, drawings, and other visual art from artists around the globe.




Children's Art Village

sites/default/files/childrens art village e.jpgThe Children’s Art Village will take place inside Hart Plaza close to the river, and will teach children cultural arts and social activism through visual arts. Storytelling of Sumarah Karen Smith, Joe Reily, The Bread & Puppet Circus & Street Shows, Sandy Epps Face Painting, Revolutionary Screen Printing with Centro Obrero, Environmental Justice Art Projects with East Michigan Environmental Action Council, Green Guerilla Environmentally Friendly Bus, and more...

Murals & Graffiti Art Space

sites/default/files/muraling graffiti email graphic.jpgHart Plaza will also feature a space for murals and graffiti artists to both display their work and create new pieces. This space will be located at Hart Plaza Underground.



Friday: Biggest People's Party Ever!

Venue Locations
  • AFSCME: AFSCME Office Building (#12 on map, p. 60)
  • Pyramid: Hart Plaza Amphitheater: Hart Plaza
  • CAV: Children’s Art Village, Hart Plaza
  • Skillman Branch Library: 121 Gratiot, Detroit, MI 48226
  • The Magic Stick: 4120 Woodward Avenue