US Social Forum Logistics



Airport Shuttles

Due to some changes in our shuttle availability, we are now encouraging folks to use the Shuttle Service our ground transportation partners Personal
Transportation LLC. They can be reached at 313-506-3986. The cost is $15. The driver will drop you off at Cobo Hall, Downtown Hotels and some designated USSF sites within the Downtown area. If you are staying at USSF solidarity housing, the shuttle will take you directly to the USSF office (only for Monday June 21 before 3pm), Hague House (only for Monday
June 21 3pm-10pm), or Cobo Hall (June 22-June 26).


For cheaper options, you can take the Route 125 SMART Bus from the Airport to downtown Detroit. The bus only costs $2, but only runs once an hour and takes an hour to arrive downtown at Cass and Fort, about 2 blocks from the Cobo Hall check-in.

Taxis and Private Airport Shuttles


Average One
Way Fare using Taxi/Other Non USSF Private Shuttle Service
Fare Type Cost
Dearborn $35
Detroit (Downtown) $45
Downriver $30

Travel Discounts

Find out about travel discounts on national air, bus and train travel.

Ride Shares

Post and find rideshares on the AMC/USSF Message Board.

Getting Around Detroit

Once you get here, see the page for local transportation to find out about shuttle services, discounts on public transportation, bike rentals, parking, and more... We will have USSF shuttle vans to take participants to various solidarity housing sites, specific hotels outside the city and specific workshops sites. More information will be available at the Information Table at Cobo Hall.

To find about about accessible transportation, visit the access


Hotels & Housing

URGENT UPDATE: The USSF has arranged blocks of discounted rooms at the hotels below (ask for USSF rates), however they're filling up! MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW! 

The Westin Southfield - Detroit
(248) 728-6548 ($109/day)
(complete service for persons with disabilities. free transportation: yes!)

The Doubletree Hotel - Detroit/Dearborn
(313) 982-3983 ($109/day) (free transportation: yes!)

Motor City Casino Hotel - Detroit
(866) 782-9622 ($109/day) Roll-away beds still available (free transportation: yes!)

The Hyatt Regency - Dearborn
(888) 421-1442 ($119/day) (free transportation: yes!) singles, doubles, triples, and quads

Please spread the word and call us with questions at: (877) 515-8773.

Click here for a full list of USSF Housing Options .

Online Registration

Register Online Now for the 2010 US Social Forum, June 22-26, 2010. You can register as an individual or as an organization along with members of your organization. 

The Registration section includes information on Sliding Scale Registration Rates, offline registration, accessibility for persons will disabilities, labor packages, and adding members to you organization's registration.

Check-In Registration at Cobo Hall

Check-In & On-site registration will take place on the first floor of Cobo Hall beginning 8am, Tuesday June 22. All registrants will receive the 130 page USSF Program Book, which you can view here. There will be separate tables for: USSF General Registration, Children's Registration, Check in and Info for People with Disabilities, solidarity housing check-in and tent city check-in. You will also be able to sign up for tours and volunteer opportunities in the registration check-in area.

US Social Forum Location

Cobo Hall
This is the site of USSF logistics headquarters. Come to Cobo Hall to register, sign up for Children’s Social Forum or childcare, visit information booths, participate in workshops, People’s Movement Assemblies and plenaries!

Non-food vendors and information tables are on the main level of Cobo Hall. All workshops and events in Cobo Hall are wheelchair accessible.

The address for Cobo Hall is 1 Washington Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48226.

Hart Plaza
Come to Hart Plaza to check out non-stop cultural programming on multiple stages, the Children’s Art Village, as well as food and non-food vendors.

USSF Village
Community groups, unions and social movement organizations are sponsoring canopies at the USSF Village for self-organized workshops, meetings and information sharing. There is also a Commons Area and stage for scheduled events. The USSF Village is a few blocks west of Cobo Hall along an accessible sidewalk route, look for USSF directional signs

There will also be events at Wayne County Community College District Downtown Campus, Wayne State University, nearby hotels and other local community sites.

Check out the latest USSF Venue Maps!

Vendors, Tabling and Canopies

Note: The application period for vendors, tabling and canopies is now closed.

Food and Non-Food Vendors will be located in Cobo Hall and Hart Plaza between June 22nd and 26th. We encourage you to support these vendors who represent the Detroit's local economy, was well as small businesses from across the courty!

Tabling will take place in Cobo Hall throughout the Social Forum.

The USSF Village will be located along the river front, about four blocks from Cobo Hall. Community groups, unions and social movement organizations are sponsoring canopies at the USSF Village for self-organized workshops, meetings and information sharing. A shared-use stage, sound system, porta-potties, first-aid, an info station and 24 hour security will also be available at the USSF Village.

The canopy rental companies are currently sold out, but groups who can provide their own tent are welcome to join the USSF Village for a $50 space usage fee. All privately owned tents must be erected in the morning.

Places to Eat

Food at the Forum
There will be a variety of affordable Food Vendors offering a taste of Detroit in Hart Plaza Tuesday through Saturday. We invite you to support these vendors throughout the forum.

Local Restaurants
There are also many food options in the Detroit Area. Click here for a growing list of local eateries.

If you have special needs regarding food access, please describe them in the special comments field when you register, or contact us  .

Participation & Program Details

For details on participation in the USSF, whether through workshops, cultural performances, art exhibition, film festival, the marches, direct-actions, or having canopies in the USSF village, check out the USSF Program page.

Children's Social Forum & Childcare

Children's Social Forum
Kids have a place at the USSF, too! Children 5-12 yrs old are welcome to join the Children's Social Forum where educators are planning a variety of programming, activities, and entertainment.

We are pleased to announce that the USSF will have childcare for little ones 4 yrs of age and under.

Both sites will be safely housed in Cobo Hall with convenient access for parents/guardians. Look for more details on the Children's Social Forum & Childcare page.


The Disability Justice Committee is working hard to ensure the best possible access for persons with disabilities at the US Social Forum. A kiosk will be available in Cobo Hall throughout the Forum for anyone who needs disability access accommodations, is encountering disability access issues, or wants to know about disability-related events taking place during the USSF. Visit the access page to find out access during the forum, accommodations, transportation, translation and more...


The USSF is a bottled water free zone! No bottled water can be sold or given away in the USSF territory. The USSF is providing water pitchers and drinking water stations at Cobo Hall, Hart Plaza, the People’s Village, and the Opening March. We encourage all participants to bring their own reusable water bottles. By providing tap water instead of bottled water we decrease our ecological footprint, save money and support public control and ownership of water.

Waste Management
It is our goal to model the environmental practices that are necessary for a new world throughout the Forum. To that end, we will have recycling and composting at Hart Plaza, the Village, and Tent City. Please remember to reduce your waste in Detroit and recycle and compost when possible. Recycling and Composting stations will be located in the People’s Village and Hart Plaza.


With the help of the ICT (Information, Communications, Technology)team, Cobo Hall has enhanced WiFi capacity throughout the building! You can access free wifi on your laptops or phones in workshop rooms and in the main lobbies.

Still have questions?

Check out the USSF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you still have questions after checking out the FAQs, contact the USSF Hotline: (877) 515-USSF (8773) with your very respectful questions.
Thank you.

National Planning Committee Statement on Gender Diversity and Inclusion

Members of the NPC embrace sexual and gender diversity, thus seeking to build a world where people of all sexual orientations and gender identities can enjoy complete sexual freedom and gender expression, in order to engage fully without fear of cultural or legal penalty, health discrimination or violence. We believe that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two spirit, queer, same gender loving, and intersex people can and will take on the institutions that perpetuate transphobia, homophobia, patriarchy, violence, and barriers against them and continue to make daily survival a challenge. Without the collective work of everyone, our movement is flawed. We believe in self-determination, in constituent-led organizing, meaning that the people directly affected by oppression are the most equipped to define their own liberation. We believe that the structures that oppress us reinforce and support each other, and that by working at their intersections we can tear them down. Let's work together make the world an inclusive and safe space for all.

All Gender and Gender Specific Restroom Policy

The US Social Forum is a space where we put into practice our vision for a world that respects everyone's human dignity. In solidarity with our trans participants (including- transgender, transsexual, genderqueer and other gender non-conforming people), we have designated a number of all gender restrooms in Cobo Hall and Tent City. There will be signs for all gender restrooms in English, Spanish and Braille.Many transgender and gender non-conforming people have been harassed, beaten, ridiculed, and even arrested in both men and women's restrooms. The National Planning Committee (NPC) has adopted a policy to stand in opposition to the above acts and in solidarity with the trans and gender non-conforming community.

Being an Ally to Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming USSF Participants

Transgender and/or gender non-conforming people need allies in the same way that all oppressed and marginalized communities need allies. We ask that you respect how people self-identify their gender and the gender pronouns they use to describe themselves. This sometimes means asking what pronoun(s) a person would like you to use when referring to them. We ask that you don't assume an individual’s sex, sexuality, or gender identity based upon the individual’s appearance and don't ask people about their bodies, genitalia, or sex lives. This all-gender bathroom policy is a small step in educating all of our communities but also an important statement on regardless of what bathroom you use, we ask that you please let everyone use the facilities in peace.

“Being an Ally to Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming USSF Participants” paragraph was provided by the Translate Collective