The Road to the Third US Social Forum in 2014!

Fri, 2012-12-14 04:51

The 41 grassroots groups that make up the National Planning Committee of the US Social Forum (USSF) are pleased to announce a third US Social Forum in 2014! Donate today to help ensure this historic motion advances!

We will be working diligently over the next 12-16 months to determine dates/location and to ensure this third USSF builds on the 2007 (Atlanta) and 2010 (Detroit) Social Forums and all of the powerful movement work to ensure the vision of a new world, and a new US, is created.

We can’t do this work without you! Each US Social Forum is a huge endeavor. Over 15,000 activists/organizers were mobilized in Atlanta in 2007 and then 20,000 activists/organizers were present in Detroit in 2010. Movement building work led by the USSF is continuing; including support and coordination of People’s Movement Assemblies across the US and the recent US Delegation to the World Social Forum Free Palestine.

Please help with a donation of $25, $50, $100, or more today. Help us raise $10,000 by the end of the year and build the road to 2014!

Make a one time donation or consider becoming a monthly sustainer over the next two years. Click here to become a monthly sustainer or to make a secure donation on-line or mail a check to: 

US Social Forum
200 W. Second Street
P.O. Box 97
Royal Oak, Michigan 48068-9998

The USSF is more than an event. It is a space and ongoing process to contribute to strengthening the entire movement, bringing together the various sectors and issues that work for global justice. USSF 2014 is the next most important step in our struggle to build a powerful multi-racial, multi-sectoral, inter-generational, diverse, inclusive, internationalist movement that transforms this country and changes history. 

We must declare what we want our world to look like and we must start planning the path to get there. The USSF provides spaces to learn from each other’s experiences and struggles, share our analysis of the problems our communities face, build relationships, and align with our international brothers and sisters to strategize how to reclaim our world.

Join us today and we will see you in 2014!