Detroit Organizers Launch the Detroit Liberation Library

Mon, 2013-02-11 09:57

Remember those Books you Brought to the USSF in Detroit? 

The Detroit Liberation Library was founded during the United States Social Forum (USSF) in 2010 in Detroit, Michigan, and many of our readers will remember bringing books to help launch this initiative.  A few hundred books related to social justice and culture were collected from Detroit residents and USSF participants from all over the country.  Bookstores, organizations, book collectors, artists, and individuals continue to donate books, films, music, and more to the library.  DLL is committed to supporting intellectual freedom, providing democratic access to information, and fostering community engagement, and its goal is to collect 5,000 progressive books.

In the spring of 2013, the FOR THE PEOPLE!!! Books on a Bike Program will roll out to help bring progressive and uplifting books directly to the neighborhoods.  DLL is partnering with local bike hubs to convert bicycles into mobile libraries.   The FOR THE PEOPLE!!! Books on a Bike Program will go to local community gardens for our lending library, book sharing, and reading programs. Please visit the DLL website for updates or to donate funds and books to this community based program.