What Unites the U.S. Social Forum?

Tue, 2013-02-19 10:43

The U.S. Social Forum addresses the most pressing concerns of our day, and the current climate of economic crisis, mass layoffs, and government spending cuts has made our work both more urgent and difficult. USSF National Planning Committee members have been reflecting on the goals and principles orienting our work together, and have updated and adapted some of the core principles that express the visions and commitments of people working together under the big umbrella of the US Social Forum.

Is your City a Good Site for the next U.S. Social Forum? National Call-in for Questions and Answers, Friday March 1.

As we begin the process of paving the ’Road to 2014’ for the next U.S. Social Forum, the USSF National Planning Committee has issued a call for proposals for possible sites. Check out the details on the organizing principles and criteria that will guide the selection of a site for the next USSF, plus frequently asked questions. On Friday, March 1 at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone) USSF organizers will host a national call-in to answer questions from those considering making an application to host the next USSF. Call in number is: 712-432-0075 (Access code: 388105#).

Grassroots Convergence Funding

We Need YOU (and all your friends) to Help Pave the Road to the Next U.S. Social Forum.

The ’Road to 2014’ is especially urgent today, and it will be built with thousands of hours of organizing work from the local to the regional, national to international – each of us lifting and working together from our communities.

As grassroots organizers, we must all do what we can to build strategic alliances and solid bases of support toward 2014. Please consider a monthly, sustaining donation of $20.14 through safe, automatic withdrawal from a bank account or credit card. Our goal is to have 100 Sustainers at $20.14 a month (or more!) by the end of February. Can’t become a Sustainer today? Please make a tax-deductible donation in any amount – it takes all of us – and we thank you!

There are several specific aspects of our organizing work you can support:

  • A fundamental first piece of building the ‘Road to 2014’ is a meeting of National Planning Committee members and other grassroots leaders from around the country from March 8-10, 2013 in Philadelphia. This meeting and the “expanded”/ livestreamed components will help organizers expand the national conversation as we assess the urgency of this moment and develop the goals and outreach strategies for USSF III. Host organizers from the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign are working with national organizers to build an agenda that includes local and regional sociopolitical priorities. At this gathering we will also review a preliminary list of potential host cities and anchor organizations for USSF 2014.

  • MayFirst/People Link, another member of the USSF National Planning Committee, is coordinating a team of volunteers to help pilot new, open-source technologies to expand participation through simultaneous broadcasts and virtual collaboration. We expect the next USSF to incorporate more of this technology to help expand participation and reduce transportation costs.

  • Lastly, a delegation of USSF organizers are preparing to travel to World Social Forum Tunis from March 26-30, 2013 as revolutions and social movement building emerge around the globe. More than ever U.S. activists must gain a deeper analysis of the international relationships and dialogues that are required for systemic change. Please consider a contribution to support this delegation’s travel needs.

We can’t do this work without you. Please support these organizing goals with your one-time or monthly sustainer donation today, and share this call with your networks as well.

Thanks, again!

Please visit the USSF website for more information on the USSF March 2013 planning meeting. Another World is Possible, Another United States is Necessary!