Program Overview

The US Social Forum 2010 Program Book is ready for viewing!

All USSF attendees will receive a copy at the Registration table at COBO hall when you arrive, but feel free to take a look now.

The process for submitting workshop & cultural proposals has officially closed. We received over 1,400 proposals!

Workshop List and Schedules are up! See the list of Scheduled Workshops and list of proposed cultural/performance submissions.

Check out the Schedule At-a-Glance to get a sense of what happens in 5 amazing days of the US Social Forum.

Registration starts at 8am on Day one and will be followed by the Opening Day March & Ceremony

Per the 2009 Consulta Process, the programmatic content of the forum is organized according to 14 Major Program Tracks.

You can view the hundreds of workshops that are already coming in at the Workshops Page

Day 1: 3pm Opening Day March leaving from Woodward & Warren 3pm and arriving at COBO Hall 5pm for the Opening Ceremony. Plenaries TBA

Day 3: Plenaries TBA

Day 4: Plenaries TBA - Leftist Lounge Party!

Day 5: All-Forum National People's Movement Assembly - Closing Ceremony & March

*Planned and Self-organized People's Movement Assemblies
*The USSF Progressive Film Festival
*The USSF Village: Rent a canopy for your group!
*People's Media Center & Live Broadcasting at Cobo Hall
*Cultural Events, Performances at the Amphitheater
*A Youth-run Space at Cobo Hall
*Art-making & Dance areas along the river at Hart Plaza
*The Children's Social Forum
*Detroit Movement Tours
*Vending & Tabling

The Social Forum is a drug-free, violence-free, harm-reduction zone at all times.