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The beauty of the Forum is that each and every person had their own personal encounter with "it", but we were also all in a collective space that emitted a productive sense of solidarity, unity, progressive voice and vision that I've never experienced in my life. The feeling that we CAN do this. Another world IS possible.

Jayeesha, Mind Power Collective

The Children's Social Forum was my main reason for going (and bringing my 6-year-old daughter) to the 2007 US Social Forum. This wasn't just childcare---a room set off to the side ... isolated from the goings-on of the larger group. No, this promised to be a forum for kids to explore the issues that we grown-ups were talking about.

Victoria Law, NYC

My favorite workshops were part of the gender/sexuality track. Folks ... were on point, their workshops were packed, and there was a real sense of movement in those spaces. Several hundred people wanted to further our discussions around moving beyond the non-profit industrial complex.

Ashley, Oakland, CA

I went to the USSF to find out what it was about and participate in as many water workshops as possible. The most amazing part was all the shoes on the mall from people who had died in 2006-7. That really stuck with me.

Gwendolyn Gaines, Detroit

I’ll never forget the US Social Forum 2007 in Atlanta. It brought in several countries across the globe, and it will be amazing to see it again when I attend the USSF in June, 2010. The senior population in Michigan is suffering because of poor housing, transportation, health, and education.

Harold Spence, Detroit, Seniors' Task Force