From the Liberty Bell to the Edges of Silicon Valley and Beyond-Thanks for your interest in attending the 2015 U.S. Social Forum!!

This year's Forum takes place in FOUR amazing locations simultaneously and there are registration options for each:

Core Sites: Philadelphia and San Jose

Sowing Seeds Among the Silicon - A Free 3-Day Youth Arts & Music Program

Bean Tupou is a founding member of Think And Die Thinking (TADT) and a
local musician. She’s currently working on her solo project Try The Pie
and is one of the main organizers of the Youth Arts & Music Program (AMP). Cristal Olivas sat down with Bean to talk more about the upcoming program.
The AMP pilot project is TADT's current endeavor geared specifically to youth 13-17 taking place September 3-5 at the Roberto Cruz
Leadership Academy, with free workshops,

Malia Movement Company

Malia Movement Company (MMCo) was created by Malia Connor in 1992 as a vessel to bring together women of varying ethnicities, ages, body types and socio-economic status through the art of dance.
Malia and her company firmly believe that all people can find inspiration in one another, and are dedicated to creating opportunities for this by using different mediums and platforms of theater.

Pacific Voyagers Ceremony

A photoslide by Jean Melesaine of the Pacific Voyagers( ceremony on Treasure Island in San Francisco. The Pacific Voyagers have traveled on vakas(canoes) all the way from Aotearoab(NewZealand) stopping on the pacific islands(Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tahiti, etc.) on the way and have made their way to Treasure Island in hopes to raise consciousness about the environmental issues of the ocean. Accompanied by music of Chammoru American Music Artis Erica Nalani Benton's "Back to Gua'han(what we have)"(