From the Liberty Bell to the Edges of Silicon Valley and Beyond-Thanks for your interest in attending the 2015 U.S. Social Forum!!

This year's Forum takes place in FOUR amazing locations simultaneously and there are registration options for each:

Core Sites: Philadelphia and San Jose

Cheers from the Wasteland: A San Jose Place Based Journal

immense sprawl of San Jose can pull your legs and arms along with its expanding
breath and like taffy you can begin to feel thin and changed. You can get lost
in all the transforming streets and swirling faces trying to retrace your steps
to find your heart, but luckily for us, the creative pulse of this town is
still thumping along the fences that divide us. When that shrinking feeling
comes from rising prices and your dreams seem to be out of reach, art is what

Movement News

Note: Registration deadline is Wed, May 6th.

We're excited to share this Invitation with you to join the upcoming International Social Movements Gathering on Water and Affordable Housing in Detroit, MI from May 29-31, 2015. This regional, national and international gathering will bring together social movement organizations and justice groups working in defense of water and housing affordability and access.