The Bi-National Social Forum 2015 in Tijuana

Over 150 activists from all over Mexico, representing many of the country's civil society movements, convened with activists from the United States in Tijuana on June 25, 2015 in the World Social Forum Bi-National Edition of 2015 in Tijuana, Mexico.

The Mexico event began with an outdoors opening "session of unity and solidarity" at the Northernmost border with the U.S. involving Mexican movement leaders, singers and organizer and hip hop artist Qelo Quetzalc├│atl, a "original person" and jornalero from San Qintin, who performed a free-style for the event.

The participants then began their day-long deliberations with work sessions (called "mesas" in Latin America) on migration, workers conditions, mega-projects (including fracking), water and land and gender justice. The results of these discussions were then shared with the rest of the Social Forum during an afternoon sharing session.

Video of mesas

A final declaration was written summarizing the mesa outcomes.

Here is the English version and the original version in Spanish.