Support the US Social Forum (USSF) "Road to the third USSF"

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The U.S. Social Forum is more than an event: It is a People Powered Movement featuring YOU! It is a organizing space and process to strengthen the global justice movements -- bringing together diverse sectors and issues that come from grassroots groups.

The "Road to the third USSF" is the next most important step in our struggle to build a powerful, intentional, unified movement that transforms this country and changes history.

If you went to the USSF in 2010 or 2007 (or heard how great it was), you know this is a unique movement space where we came together with no strings attached. Please make a one time donation or consider becoming a monthly sustainer over the next two years. If just one of every ten of us who attended gives a dollar a day between now and the third USSF that would mean more than half a million dollars in independent support!

Thank you!

If you're donating by check, please make your check out to "USSF/AFGJ" and mail it to:

225 E. 26th St, Suite 1,
Tucson, AZ 85713

every month(s) for
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