US Militarism in Latin America: The Need for Left Unity

Session Room: 
Unitarian Sanctuary
Short Description: 
US militarism in Latin America imperils living conditions in the US and throughout the Americas. This requires novel strategies and greater unity among the Left.

Latin America has long served as a laboratory for US weapons development and police/military strategies and practices. This workshop will explore the role of US intervention in three Latin American countries: Honduras, Mexico and Colombia. It will highlight concrete examples of how the US exports its militarism and power in law enforcement, suppression of dissent, police brutality, weapons training, border enforcement policies to governments aligned with its imperial interests. The panel will encourage the cross-movement exchange of experience and information among solidarity and other activists concerning strategies and tactics used in struggle here in the US for peace and justice.
The outcome aims to produce fresh strategies and tactics combining the experience of foreign policy and domestic issues movements in order to build a stronger, more unified movement to combat US militarism abroad.

Fronts of Struggle: 
State violence and resistance, mass incarceration and abolition
Immigration struggles, decolonization, anti-imperialism
Bay Area Latin America Solidarity Coalition
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http://Bay Area Latin America Solidarity Coalition
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The Bay Area Latin American Solidarity Coalition is an alliance of organizations and individual activists. We organize events about US intervention in the Caribbean and Latin America. We are committed to promoting the right of all Peoples to live without military or economic threats from the US.
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San Jose, CA
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