Get Involved

Working Groups

Individuals supporting the World Social Forum Charter of Principles and US Social Forum’s political unity statements are invited to participate in any of the USSF working groups.
Working Groups are functioning groups of people who take on specific organizing tasks for the social forum: development; communications and technology, etc. The work of these groups is overseen by the Accountability and Copordination Team (comprised of representatives from each Working Group). People are encouraged to join any of these gorups -- they are vital to the USSF and they make it happen;. Details of these working groups and contact information can be found here. Email if you're interested in participating in a working group.

People's Movement Assemblies

Individuals, Organizations and Networks can also organize a People’s Movement Assembly to help build conversations and networks that support the US Social Forum process. PMA's can be organized thematically or geographically. Click here for more background on the People’s Movement Assembly Process.

National Planning Committee and US Social Forum Ally

Organizations who wish to support the US Social Forum process are invited to consider becoming a US Social Forum Ally or applying to be a full Member of the National Planning Committee. The NPC is the USSF's highest decision-making body and is comprised of membership organizations with a national profile and program of work. There is a full page of information on the NPC on our wiki page.