Advertising as a Tool to Grow your Movement

Session time: 
Saturday, June 27, 2015 - 9:00am to 10:30am
Session Room: 
Temple U: Student Center 217 B
Short Description: 
Learn how to use advertising as a forum for education and public debate, and as an essential organizing tool

Advertising can be one of the most effective ways to spread crucial information across a widespread audience, it is also a medium that has been a tool for public manipulation. Palestine Advocacy Project focuses entirely on using advertising as a tool for positive change. Our ads challenge the relationship between the United States and Israel, and advocate for the Human Rights of Palestinians. With the movement for Palestinian self-determination gaining more support, our advertising plays a critical role in public awareness.
The workshop will discuss the advantages that advertising lends to a movement. This includes how advertising shapes messaging, and builds widespread support and legitimacy. We'll use examples from our own work to demonstrate the efficacy of various forms of messaging, as well as examples of advertising from organizations that oppose Palestinian independence.
The workshop will also be geared towards those who are interested in the basics of running an ad campaign for themselves. We would highlight the process of creating an ad, working with advertising agents, and building publicity around a campaign.
The goal for participants in this workshop to come away with a greater understanding of how advertising can be used to further their movements, and with ideas planted for messaging in their own campaigns.

Fronts of Struggle: 
Public education – anti-privatization, attacks, and struggles
Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination
Immigration struggles, decolonization, anti-imperialism
Palestine Advocacy Project
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Palestine Advocacy Project promotes freedom, justice and equality in Palestine/Israel. Our public media campaigns expose Americans to the Palestinian experience and advocate for an end to Israeli apartheid, and human rights violations.
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