Our Socialist Future

Session time: 
Saturday, June 27, 2015 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Session Room: 
Temple U: Student Center 200 C
Short Description: 
Our Socialist Future: Environment, Gender, Economy in a World of Equality

Three separate TEDTalk style presentations will be given on the theme: Our Socialist Future. All three will focus on providing a positive vision of equality and sustainability. We will look at current political and economic trends and highlight the opportunities they open up for transformative change. Lastly, we'll link those long-term visions to immediate actions and demands.

Alec Foster will present on the dialectical relationship between Nature and Socialism and how we can harness the latter to secure the former.

Ariel Diliberto and Melissa Elfont will present on the intersection of gender and Socialism.

Anthony Shull will present CommunEtsy: The Future of Human Labor. The increased mechanization of labor offers humans the unparalleled opportunity to engage in a cultural economy untainted by a motive for profit.

The three twenty minute presentations will be followed by an open Q&A session for audience members to engage with any of the presenters.

Fronts of Struggle: 
Cooperative economics – poverty, housing, and workers’ struggles, anti-capitalism, and economic alternatives
Genders, gender non-conformity, sexuality, patriarchy – resistance and struggles
Earth and planet – sustainability, food sovereignty, and ecological justice
Philly Socialists
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Philly Socialists is a working class political organization. / Philly Socialists es una organización política de la clase obrera. Sí luchamos, ganamos.
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