"Nothing About Us Without Us" Equity for Seniors & People with Disabilities

Session time: 
Saturday, June 27, 2015 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Session Room: 
Washington United Gym
Short Description: 
"Nothing About Us Without Us" choice not force is our mandate. Human rights and dignity of valued citizenry is demanded. No going backward.
We the people fought to get out of institutions and to grow or recover from injury or disabilities within the human communities as all humans do. To seek and achieve our lifes dreams within everyday life and with the support of family, community and government towards our rights of choice and human dignity. Unemployment is in the 70% range for persons living with disabilities. Today the conservative right is choosing to regress the rights won under ADA law and section 504. Institutionalization and forced medical/surgical decisions should only be a individual choice. A choice not made by any medical society. Prisons should not be the mental health system for persons with disabilities.
Fronts of Struggle: 
Cooperative economics – poverty, housing, and workers’ struggles, anti-capitalism, and economic alternatives
State violence and resistance, mass incarceration and abolition
Health, healing, and spirituality
SEIU 521 Disability Caucus
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SEIU People with Disabilities National & Local Caucus A mission of advocacy, educational and networking support for persons working with disabilities, their families, communities and allys. A dedication to support a safe and healthy work place for Seniors & persons with disabilities to live in their community of choice.
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San Jose, CA
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