homeless bill of rights

Session time: 
Saturday, June 27, 2015 - 8:30am to 10:00am
Session Room: 
Unitarian Classroom
Short Description: 
We will show how unjust laws criminalize the houseless by creating barrier to housing and how lack of affordable housing only increases these obstacles.

This work shop will show how the Houseless community are in need of having equal protected rights under the Right To Rest act. We will show how the Houseless are targeted by unjust laws that are created to criminalize people living without housing.

Fronts of Struggle: 
Cooperative economics – poverty, housing, and workers’ struggles, anti-capitalism, and economic alternatives
Public education – anti-privatization, attacks, and struggles
Genders, gender non-conformity, sexuality, patriarchy – resistance and struggles
Right 2 Sirvive/ Wrap
Organization Web site: 
http://right 2 survive pdx.org
Organization Description: 
R2S is and organization made up of houseless and formerly houseless people and their allies that do direction to bring attention to the public of the criminalization of the Houseless community. We also educate the Houseless Community of the constitutional , civil and human Rights
Polycentric Site: 
San Jose, CA
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